Film Kids instructors hold secondary teaching certificates in English, Communications and Technology Applications and have developed curriculum with the Charles A. Dana Center and AISD schools.  All Film Kids lessons are aligned to 5th Grade ELA and Fine Arts TEKS, but the greatest benefit is the collaboration and teamwork learned by the filmmakers as they explore their own creative ideas and the issues in their community.


Brian Cox

Brian Cox taught high school video production for seven years, then realized when making movies with his own children that younger and younger people need the creativity and collaboration that comes from filmmaking. His experience with non-profit organizations and creative outreach groups led him to develop a series of original video projects for young people. In them, the students have creative input in developing their stories and the technical, “hands-on” experience of live video production.


Marissa Jones

Marissa Jones is in the midst of a Visual Narrative MFA at the School of Visual Arts, a program dedicated to crafting story. She's been lucky to work with non-profits such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Austin Film Society, Progress Texas, and ACLU Texas. Jones believes deeply in the importance of storytelling and is excited to explore moviemaking with the students of Film Kids.